avater for me.JPG
This is my avatar that I made and put on my wiki.

These are two qrcodes that I made. You need a smart phone with a QR code scanning app and when you scan it you will be on my wiki page.

Daniel wordle on pic.jpg
This was made by making a wordle then pasting it on a picture.

daniel wordle.png
This is a wordle I made on www.wordle.net

taxedo deaniel.jpg
This is my tagxedo that I put in a soccer ball.

This is my reflection on my Word Cloud work.

Here are my rules for safe emailing.

new business card.PNG
This is my business card that lists my hobbies. It has my QR code and my avatar.
My business card does not show personal details so it is safe to use on the internet.

What did you make?I made an animation on ABCYA you can get on it by clicking on this website www.abcya.com/animate.htm.

What did you learn?
I learnt how I can make an animation and put in other effects in it so it looks good.
How could you use this?I can use this to show videos and different animations.