This is my name. I got a link and then I created my name, then I saved it into my folder and added it to my wiki page.
Eliza avatar.PNG
This is my avatar. I found a link and then I saved it and uploaded it onto my wiki.http://unique.rasterboy.com/

real qr code.png
My Qr code. This is the website I used to create this awesome QR code: http://unitag.com/

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I made a animation with the website 'ABCya'. I learnt about the different tools and how to use it. I could use
animations for school projects and just for fun.

elizas wordle about me- eliza 2.jpg
My Wordle. This is the website I used to create my wordle: http://www.wordle.net/

Eliza wordle on pic.jpg
My Artistic Wordle


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