grace blood avatar.PNG

This is an avatar I made that looks like me.

Grace Wordle 1.jpg

This is a wordle I created, it has a list of myself, family,

friends and my hobbies.

This is a list of rules to help you when you are on the internet.
5 email rules GRACE B.jpg

grace  tagxedo.jpg

This is a Tagxedo I have created! I chose to use

a peace sign because I thought it would look cool,

you can choose from heaps of different shapes.

Grace Unitag.png

This is a Unitag I created. If you have

the app on you mobile phone, iPad, Ipod. etc.

You can scan it and it goes to the website.

This was very fun to make because you could choose

your own design.

This is a reflection wordle I have made.

This is my safe business card.

A safe business card should involve:

~ Your hobbies

~ Things you like.

A safe business card should NOT involve:

~ A photo of yourself

~ Your last name

~ Where you live, your email address and your phone number.

During the last couple of weeks, I made an animation with the help of the website ABCya.

I learnt that you can go up to 100 frames and you can insert people, backgrounds and objects.

In class, I could use this for my personal projects to show the class.

This is a Pivot I have created with Isabella S. It was very fun to make, I hope you enjoy!!