This is my avatar!

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Isabella wordle on pic.jpg

This is one of the first wordles I made.

I just had to do it on lollipops, because they are delicious! I made it here:

Isabella cupcake tagxedo.jpg
this is one of my tagxedos about cuocakes!

This is a cupcake Tagxedo!

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Here is my creative qr code I made at

This is a reflection I made about

word clouds.

Here are some helpful rules about how

to stay safe online.

isabella buissness card 345.PNG

This is my 'safe' business card. The reason that it is safe is that it doesn't include any

personal information eg. surname, email, address, phone number etc. We also had to

create another business card that could include personal information, but we weren't allowed

to put it on the internet, but we could show people that we knew. That is why we called it our 'friends card'.

This is the Pivot animation Grace B and I made together. We found that like making an animation, it uses many frames and doesn't always go for a long time!!

This is an animation I made using! I made it using many frames.

This process took a long time because each frame has to be different and the end result is very quick!
I learnt that making an animation takes a very long time, and creating a movie would take years! I also learnt that grouping different objects make it much easier!