Jemma's Wiki Page!!!


Today I created a Pivot that I named Dance Academy. I created this with Pivot Animator. Firstly, I made the Pivot that has 99 frames. Then, I converted the Pivot to a WMV (Windows Media Video) and converted it to an FLV using a website. Then I uploaded it to my wiki, where it is right now! This Pivot took over 2 weeks to create ; two 45 minute sessions. I had fun making Pivots!

This is an ABCya! Animation that I made. It has over 70 frames, and they were put all together to make a little video.

The message I have that goes with this video is don't speed while you're driving because otherwise you'll be chased by a Dinosaur.

During making this video, I learnt how to actually use ABCya! Animate for kids. I also learnt that 100 frames, is 10 seconds. Imagine how long it would have taken to make Steamboat Willie in the olden days!

I could use this when I want to make a video for a presentation or maybe just to entertain myself on a rainy day.

This is a Wordle I made about me
Jemma Anglin wordle.jpg

This is a Tagxedo I made that is also about me
tagxedo the official one.jpg

In class we made QR codes. A QR code is an easy way to get to a site by simply just scanning it. - This one is mine!
QR Code By Jemma Anglin.png

This is the Avatar I made of me.
jemma avatar.PNG

Official QR code Jemma Anglin.png
This is a QR code I made. It was the simple one instead of the other one.

Here are my five rules I have come up with about safe and polite use of in


- Never give away any of your personal details to any stranger that you

dont know E.g : Birthday, Last name, Date of Birth etc.

- Never open any silly scam emails that say things like:

'YOU'VE WON $1,000' or 'Westpac needs to update your credit card' When

you never even signed up to Westpac!

- Never comment rude things or say anything mean about anyone because it

could start a fight, or lead to Cyber-Bullying

- Never send a photo of yourself, friends, family, cousins etc. to any

stranger you don't know, or have nothing to do with

- Never tell anyone your password because people can hack into your

personal profile and get your details. Make sure you are on private to

make sure you can accept people who want to see your photos

- Always ask for permission to look at an email that you don't think is

safe to open, and always ask for permission to send an email to someone

We made Safe business cards, and friend business cards. A safe business card includes:Jemma websafe card.PNG
- Your first name; not your last name
- Maybe some of your favourite hobbies
- A QR code that links to maybe your website or one that you like
- Favourite things

A Friend business card includes:
- Your full name
- Some of your Hobbies
- A QR code that links to maybe your website or one that you like
- Favourite things
- A photo of you
- Your email

This is my last year at St Roberts! And, this is also my last ICT session! I have been at St Roberts for seven years! Bye for now!

Jemma :)