lucy qr code boxer.JPG
This is my fancy QR code.


This is my wordle that I placed on a picture
Lucy wordle on pic.jpg

This is a tagxedo that I made in class
cut tagsedo.JPG

This is my original wordle that I put onto the bird
wordle original lucy.JPG

This is my reflection on all my work I made in ICT in Term1.

reflection lucy.JPG

- Do not open emails from people you don't know
- Tell your parents if someone is bullying you or scaring you
- Dont tell anybody your passwords
-Dont tell anyone your adress
-Be careful what you write in your emails

internet safe card lucy.jpg
This is my internet safe business card that put on my wiki.

I made this animation on a website called
ABCya! Animate. I learnt how to use the website and how animations are made.
On the website I used to make this animation you could go up to 100 frames so all the animations were small.
I could use this in class by showing a life cycle of something. The website would be could to show nature growing at high speed
because you could see the differences fast.

I made this animated movie using Pivot Animator.